Things to know about getting a driving licence in Italy 

Buy fake Italian driving Licence if you decide to move to Italy, you might want to get your Italian driver’s licence. The Italian driving licence is recognized throughout Europe and is less expensive, shorter, and less complicated than in other European countries or other countries. On the other hand, the language obstacle can sometimes deter taking the leap and learning to drive. Indeed, even if the Italian Highway Code is substantially the same as that of other European countries or other European countries, learning to drive like an Italian is required. Some of the important things about getting a driving licence in Italy are listed here:

Age requirement for obtaining a driving licence in Italy

Everywhere there are some age rules and conditions for getting a driving licence. In Italy, a driver’s licence is a governmental right granted to those who apply for a licence in any category of their choice. Every type of motorized vehicle requires it.

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The following are the minimum age requirements for obtaining a driver’s licence:

  • 16 years for a 125cc motorcycle with a maximum engine power of 11 kW and a quadricycle motor that is cars weighing 400 kg – 550 kg if used for freight transport with a maximum engine power of 15 kW.
  • 18 years for a car or motorcycle with no cylinder capacity limit and a maximum motor power of 35 kW.
  • Twenty-one years for minibuses, three-wheelers with no power limits, and cargo vehicles.
  • Twenty-four years for motorcycles with no power restrictions, that is, buses.

Some people will buy fake Italian driving licence by showing their false age in some fraudulent way. But they will soon arrested by the official authorities.

What to do for registering a driving licence in Italy? 

Regardless of age, there are some other conditions to register for a driving licence in Italy: having a tax code and being resident in Italy. When you fulfill these conditions, you can register for obtaining a driving licence. The first step is to select a driving school, but the process can also completed at the Motorizzazione Civile office nearest to you. In this case, you can save time by downloading and filling out the form in advance by clicking it online. To be admissible, your application file for an Italian driving licence must complete and include several documents, forms, and supporting documents.

Some lists of documents for register

  • Form TT2112 has completed and signed.
  • Identification document such as original and photocopy
  • Tax identification numbers such as original and photocopy
  • Two passport photos
  • A medical certificate with a photo less than three months old on stamped paper. Please remember that a licenced doctor can only issue this medical certificate.
  • A second medical declaration from your primary care physician such as original and photocopy.
  • The pre-printed C / C 9001 and C / C 4028 newsletters are certification and payment proof.
Types of exams

You will given an apprenticeship booklet to accompany you throughout your training and examination for the Italian driving licence when the file has been completed and submitted to the appropriate authorities. There are two types of exams to get a driving licence in Italy, and the theoretical and practical exams are the two types of exams. You have six months from the point to pass the theoretical exam. Keep in mind that you will have to redo the steps if the time limit is exceeded. After passing the theoretical exam, you have five months to take the practical exam.

People may buy fake Italian driving licence to avoid both licence exams. The Italian driving licence practical examination consists of 40 questions. The candidate will allowed no more than four errors or a maximum of 10%. If you fail the exam, you can retake it only one month after you missed it. Keep an eye on it because it will possible to level it again. If you fail the Italian Highway Code examination a second time, you must represent a new file and pay all fees.

Bottom line:

Finally, these are the things that you should know about getting a driving licence in Italy. Once you attain the age, immediately join a driving school and do the further procedures.